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Don Murray
Birthday: 31 July 1929

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Don Murray. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@CelebMart.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.


Movie Credits
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AMC Backstory: Bus Stop (Made for TV) (2001)
Elvis Is Alive (2001)
Island Prey (2001)
Anthony John Denison ] 
Bo Derek: The E! True Hollywood Story (Made for TV) (1999)
Rob Lowe ] 
Mr. Headmistress (Made for TV) (1998)
Hearts Adrift (Made for TV) (1996)
Scott Reeves ] 
Ghosts Can't Do It (1990)
Anthony Quinn ] 
Stepford Children, The (Made for TV) (1987)
Stillwatch (Made for TV) (1987)
John M Jackson ] [ Walter Olkewicz ] 
Made in Heaven (1987)
Timothy Hutton ] 
Mistress (Made for TV) (1987)
Scorpion (1987)
Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend (1987)
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)
Jim Carrey ] [ Nicolas Cage ] 
Something in Common (Made for TV) (1986)
Eli Wallach ] 
T.J. Hooker: Blood Sport (Made for TV) (1986)
Radioactive Dreams (1985)
George Kennedy ] 
Touch of Scandal, A (Made for TV) (1984)
License to Kill (Made for TV) (1984)
Denzel Washington ] [ John M Jackson ] 
Quarterback Princess (Made for TV) (1983)
Tim Robbins ] 
Thursday's Child (Made for TV) (1983)
Rob Lowe ] 
Branagan and Mapes (Made for TV) (1983)
I Am the Cheese (1983)
Return of the Rebels (Made for TV) (1981)
Patrick Swayze ] 
Endless Love (1981)
James Spader ] [ Ian Ziering ] [ Tom Cruise ] [ Martin Hewitt ] 
Fugitive Family (Made for TV) (1980)
Eli Wallach ] 
If Things Were Different (Made for TV) (1980)
Police Story: Confessions of a Lady Cop (Made for TV) (1980)
AAA ] [ A Martinez ] [ A1 ] 
Boy Who Drank Too Much, The (Made for TV) (1980)
Stephen Davies ] 
Crisis in Mid-air (Made for TV) (1979)
Rainbow (Made for TV) (1978)
Martin Balsam ] 
Deadly Hero (1976)
Treat Williams ] [ James Earl Jones ] 
Girl Named Sooner, A (Made for TV) (1975)
Ewen Bremner ] 
Sex Symbol, The (Made for TV) (1974)
Girl on the Late, Late Show, The (Made for TV) (1974)
Cotter (1973)
Rip Torn ] 
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)
Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972)
Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971)
Intruders, The (Made for TV) (1970)
Harry Dean Stanton ] [ Harrison Ford ] [ John Saxon ] 
Childish Things (1969)
Daughter of the Mind (Made for TV) (1969)
Sweet Love, Bitter (1967)
Viking Queen, The (1967)
Borgia Stick, The (Made for TV) (1967)
Plainsman, The (1966)
Anthony Quinn ] [ Gary Cooper ] 
Baby the Rain Must Fall (1965)
Kid Rodelo (1965)
One Man's Way (1964)
Escape from East Berlin (1962)
Advise and Consent (1962)
Hoodlum Priest (1961)
One Foot in Hell (1960)
Winterset (Made for TV) (1959)
George C Scott ] [ Martin Balsam ] 
Billy Budd (Made for TV) (1959)
These Thousand Hills (1959)
Shake Hands with the Devil (1959)
From Hell to Texas (1958)
Dennis Hopper ] 
Hatful of Rain, A (1957)
Bachelor Party, The (1957)
Bus Stop (1956)
Skin of Our Teeth, The (Made for TV) (1955)

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