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Jorge Rivero
Birthday: 15 June 1938

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Jorge Rivero. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Very handsome and muscular Mexican leading man of Spanish origin, on-screen from the mid-1960s. Ironically, in his debut film he played a masked wrestler and his face was never shown. Rivero soon became a sex symbol and a major box-office star, and was called by Hollywood to star with John Wayne in Hawks' _Rio Lobo (1970)_ (qv). Since the 1980s he has worked only occasionally in Mexican films and soap operas -- he has lived in Southern California for more than a decade -- but shows up in international productions, sometimes billed as "George Rivero."

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (

Movie Credits
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Pearl, The (2001)
Werewolf (1996)
Blue Devil, Blue Devil (1996)
With Criminal Intent (1995)
Guns and Lipstick (1995)
Robert Forster ] 
Death Match (1994)
Martin Kove ] 
Ice (1993)
Sombra del Tunco, La (1990)
Dos camioneros con suerte (1989) (recongidos en cancus) (1989)
Fist Fighter (1988)
Edward Albert ] 
Escuadrón (1987)
George Kennedy ] [ Andrew Stevens ] [ Robert Forster ] [ Kevin Bernhardt ] 
Mi fantasma y yo (1985)
Asesino a sueldo (1984)
Máquina de matar (1984)
Willie Aames ] 
Entre ficheras anda el diablo - La pulquería 3 (1983)
Conquista, La (1983)
Andrea Occhipinti ] 
Vedettes, Las (1983)
Jugando con la muerte (1982)
Priest of Love (1981)
Ian McKellen ] [ Graham Faulkner ] [ Andrea Occhipinti ] 
Abierto día y noche (1981)
Pulquería 2, La (1981)
Profesor eróticus (1981)
Pulquería, La (1980)
Morir de madrugada (1980)
Tentadoras, Las (1980)
Tahúr, El (1979)
Day of the Assassin (1979)
Richard Roundtree ] 
Erótica (1979)
Bordello (Made for TV) (1979)
Juventud sin freno (1978)
Manaos (1978)
Fabio Testi ] 
Muñecas de medianoche (1978)
Noches de cabaret (1978)
Cariñosas, Las (1978)
Adriana del Rio, actriz (1978)
Ángel negro (1977)
Columbo: A Matter of Honor (Made for TV) (1976)
AAA ] [ A Martinez ] [ A1 ] 
Cuatro dedos, El (1976)
Playa vacía, La (1976)
Beatriz (1976)
Last Hard Men, The (1976)
Charlton Heston ] 
Bellas de noche (1975)
Mejor regalo, El (1975)
Maten al león (1975)
Volver, volver, volver (1975)
Eroticofollia (1974)
Payo - un hombre contra el mundo (1974)
Llanto de la tortuga, El (1974)
Bullfighters, The (1974)
Montaña del diablo, La (1973)
Leones del ring contra la Cosa Nostra, Los (1972)
Leones del ring, Los (1972)
Basuras humanas (1972)
Jesús, el niño de Dio (1971)
Cautivas, Las (1971)
Acapulco 12-22 (1971)
Hoy he soñado con Dios (1971)
Dos hermanos, Los (1971)
Indio (1971)
Francesco Quinn ] 
Soldier Blue (1970)
Verano ardiente (1970)
Hermana Dinamita, La (1970)
Rio Lobo (1970)
Mike Henry ] 
Confesiones de una adolescente (1969)
Mujer honesta, Una (1969)
Mujeres de medianoche (1969)
Paraíso (1969)
Estafa de amor (1968)
Pecado de Adan y Eva, El (1967)
Pedro Páramo (1967)
John Gavin ] 
Arrullo de Dios (1966)
Tesoro de Moctezuma, El (1966)
Cómo pescar marido (1966)
Operación 67 (1966)
Vuelta del Mexicano, La (1965)
Endemoniados del ring, Los (1964)
Asesino invisible, El (1964)
Ragazza che sapeva troppo, La (1963)
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